Electrochemical Cell setup with Stand (50 ml)

  • A conical and a cylindrical borosilicate glass beaker, each with a capacity of 50ml.​
  •  One Polypropylene frame to hold the above two glass beakers.
  • Another Polypropylene frame for electrodes and salt bridge with four 14/23 joint bores and two small salt bridge bores, compatible with MTX electrodes.
  • A salt-bridge with O-rings glass tube facilitates ion transfer between two solutions, maintaining an electrical connection while preventing direct mixing​.
  • One stainless steel stand to attach all the MTX cell setup components.​
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This electrochemical cell, featuring an integrated salt bridge compartment, is designed for versatility with a maximum volume of 100 mL. Each cell is equipped with both a 50 ml cylindrical and conical component, allowing flexibility in experimental setups. The inclusion of specific salt bridges enhances experimental precision, while the user-friendly design ensures easy handling. Removable and adjustable holders, complemented by holes in the plate for securing working, counter, and reference electrodes, add to the cell's adaptability. Operating within a moderate temperature range from 0 to 100°C, this cell accommodates diverse experimental conditions. Customization options are available, and the cell is constructed with durable borosilicate glass for the main body and polypropylene for the holding plate, ensuring reliable and customizable functionality for various electrochemical experiments.​

What's in the box

  • Electrochemical Cell, PTFE Frames, O-rings, Stopper and Stainless steel stand.