Mini Silver/Silver Chloride electrode Ag/AgCl with Teflon holder (pack of 2)

  • This is a silver/silver chloride reference electrode with Removable Teflon holder.
  • The electrode is supplied with 3M KCl electrolyte filling. ​
  • Electrolytes of desired concentrations can also be refilled easily. ​
  • The 6mm tube with O-ring enables easy assembly. 
  • Vycor frit is suitable for working in Neutral & slightly alkaline medium. ​
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The Ag/AgCl reference electrode with a Vycor porous frit provides accurate Electrochemical measurements in neutral and slightly acidic environments. Its strong construction and use of high-quality materials assure long-term durability and minimum potential drift. The 3M KCl electrolyte filling, along with the ability to easily refill with specific concentrations, provides researchers with unparalleled flexibility for tailored experimental conditions. The PTFE holder adds mechanical stability, reducing the risk of breakage during handling. Its non-stick nature facilitates easy cleaning, preventing contamination between experiments. Compatible with the standard borosilicate glass body 6mm diameter. The gold-coated copper connecting rod helps to link the electrodes to potentiostat and galvanostat for precise control of potential and current.

What's in the box

  • Ag/Agcl Teflon Body RE with O rings
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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm