Platinum Mesh Electrode

Product Code: KCE01

This electrode contains a platinum-mesh attached with platinum wire mounted in a glass tube. This electrode is used as a counter electrode in most of the electrochemical measurements.



Platinum-mesh is framed with a platinum wire (O.D. 0.5mm). Part of the platinum wire is connected with copper wire inside a glass shaft to make an electrical contact. The standard ground-joint 14/23 enables easy assembly and compatible with all KLyte electrochemical cell set up. The mesh size is 10mmX10mm. The customized size required for any specific application is also available.


Technical Specifications
Wire Material (Purity) Pt (99.95% Pt)
Mesh Material (Purity) Pt-Ir alloy (90.10% Pt)
Mesh Area 10mmX10mm (customizable)
Number of Mesh holes ~225/cm2
Shaft material Borosilicate glass
Electrode Plug-in-head(4mm) Compatible with KLyte banana connector cable
Standard Ground Joint sleeve 14/23
Shaft diameter (Top) 12mm
Shaft diameter (Bottom) 6mm
Total Length 140mm
Pt wire Length 20mm
O.D. of Pt wire used for 0.5mm


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