Platinum Wire Electrode B10 – (Pack of 2)​

  • Cylindrical Pt. wire 99.95% Purity.​
  • Glass fused to avoid side reactions and the Electrode is compatible with a 2mm banana connector pin.
  • Mostly used as a working or auxiliary/counter electrode.​
  • The standard ground joint 10/19 of the electrode.​
  • Enables easy assembly with MTX electrochemical cell tops.​
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The electrode incorporates a platinum wire, renowned for its robust corrosion resistance and stability in the face of electrochemical reactions, ensuring precision in measurements. Its versatility shines as it adeptly transitions between roles, functioning as a working electrode for primary measurements or seamlessly assuming the role of an auxiliary/counter electrode to complete circuits in diverse experimental setups. Further enhancing its usability, the electrode features a standard ground joint (10/19), facilitating effortless integration with MTX electrochemical cell tops. This standardized connection not only streamlines assembly but also offers researchers an easily adaptable solution for a range of electrochemical experiments. Banana connector pin 2mm helps to link the electrodes to potentiostats and galvanostats for precise control of potential and current. The fused Pt with glass body increases the utility of electrode multiple times. Since the fused part is airtight with Pt surface, it allows user to dip the electrode along with its lower glass body without any contamination​

What's in the box
  • Platinum Wire Electrode, 2mm Banana pin and silicon caps.

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm