Salt Bridge (dual frit U tube) Pack of 5pcs

  • This tube is designed with two compartments, allowing for the separation of substances or functions.โ€‹
  • It is constructed from borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and resistance to thermal stress.
  • The tube features a B10 socket, ensuring secure and compatible connections with other laboratory equipment.
  • It incorporates a Glass-based Porous frit for controlled substance transfer and separation.
  • Easily refillable through B10 socket, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
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The salt bridge, meticulously crafted as a dual-compartment tube with a sturdy borosilicate glass construction and featuring a B10 socket, incorporates a replaceable glass-based porous frit. The straightforward refilling process is facilitated through the convenient B10 socket, and adding a B10 stopper further enhances its practicality. The salt bridge's significance in electrochemical cells lies in its crucial role in facilitating ion flow between compartments, ensuring electrical neutrality. In the realm of electrochemical experiments, it acts as a safeguard against contamination and contributes to maintaining stable reference potentials, thereby enhancing the precision and reliability of measurements. Additionally, the O-ring inclusion ensures a gas-tight fitting, further optimizing the salt bridge's functionality in experimental setups.

What's in the box

  • 5 x Salt Bridges with glass frit, 10 x O-rings and 5 x Stoppers.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 cm