Gas Tight Conical Cell (B10) – 30 ml with stand

  • Available in a 30mL capacity, suitable for smaller sample sizes and experiments.​
  • Designed in a conical shape, providing versatility for various applications.​
  • Equipped with 4 necks, including 3 B10 and 1 B14, for compatibility with diverse accessories.​
  • Constructed from robust borosilicate glass, known for its resistance to temperature and chemical stresses.​
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 100°C, offering reliability in a range of experimental conditions.​
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These electrochemical cells, designed with a 30 mL volume capacity, incorporate a conical cell type featuring a gas-tight fitting and 4 necks (3 B10 and 1 B14 Joints) crafted from robust borosilicate glass. The presence of electrode holes enhances adaptability to different experimental setups, providing increased versatility. The apparatus is characterized by easy handling, ensuring user-friendly operation. With applicability in a moderate temperature range from 0 to 100°C, it accommodates a diverse range of experimental conditions. Notably, it comes equipped with one B14 stopper for conducting experiments in inert conditions. The maximum temperature tolerance of 100°C further enhances its suitability for controlled environments and varied research requirements.

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  • Gas Tight Conical Cell, B14 Stopper and stainless steel stand

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