Squidstat Venta

±20 A Potentiostat with EIS up to 1 MHz


Squidstat Venta Highlights:

  • Becomes a multichannel system by connecting more Squidstats to the same computer
  • Onboard memory (16 GB) backs up all data collected from experiments for failsafe recovery
  • Voltage/current setpoints, OCP mode, and sampling rates are adjustable in real time
  • Wide selection of prebuilt experiments are available, and the “Drag & Drop” experiment builder can quickly and easily make custom experiments – no coding skills necessary!


Each Squidstat Venta includes one 100 cm Working Electrode cable, one 100 cm Counter Electrode cable, one 100 cm sense cable with Reference, Working Sense, Counter Sense connections, one USB cable, and one power cable to connect to a power outlet. The Squidstat User Interface software and unlimited remote technical support are included with purchase.

General Specifications

ADC/DAC Resolution 16 bit resolution
Slew Rate (No Load) 5 MV/s
Maximum Sampling Speed 100,000 samples/s
Floating and/or Earth-grounding Both (Switchable)
Input Impedance > 10 Tera-ohm
Input Bias Current < 1 pA
Data Backup Memory 16 GB
Physical Dimensions 23 cm x 17 cm x 13 cm
Channel Cable Length 100 cm
Computer Interface 1 USB per unit
Power Supply Requirements 100 – 240 VAC

50 – 60 Hz


Potentiostatic Input/Output

Compliance Voltage ±6 V
Voltage Scan Range ±6 V
Number of Voltage Ranges 3 ranges,

(0.12 V, 1.2V, 6 V)

Applied Potential Accuracy 0.1% of setpoint,

1 mV min

Applied Potential Resolution 0.003% of range,

3.6 μV min

Measured Potential Accuracy 0.1% of reading,

1 mV min

Measured Potential Resolution 0.003% of range,

3.6 μV min


Galvanostatic Input/Output

Maximum Current ±20 A
Current Ranges 9 ranges,

(1 μA to 20 A)

Applied Current Accuracy 0.1% of range,

1 nA min

Applied Current Resolution 0.003% of range,

30 pA min

Measured Current Accuracy 0.1% of range,

1 nA min

Measured Current Resolution 0.003% of range,

30 pA min


Impedance Analyzer

EIS Frequency Range 10 μHz to 1 MHz
AC Frequency Accuracy 0.005% or better
AC Frequency Resolution 0.0004%, 3 µHz min
Potentiostatic Amplitude ≤ 100% of range,

6 V max




25 µV @ 1mV

250 µV @ 100mV

1.94 mV @ 6V

Galvanostatic Amplitude ≤ 100% of range,

20 A max




0.025% of applied @ 100% of range
0.08% of applied @ 10% of range


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